SIPhub, the Home of SIP Engines

The under-the-hood engines to power your VoIP Services


SIP Engines

Powerful, highly customizable and easy to integrate Engines to power your SIP services.


API driven

Fully manageable via provisioning, control and monitoring APIs.



Geo-distributed clustered architecture for continuous scalability and redundancy.


Software only

Software-only SIP Engines, to run on bare metal, VMs or clouds.

SIPhub, the home of SIP Engines

For telcos, carriers, ITSPs, MNOs and more

A high-capacity Virtual PBXes hosting engine with rich Class 5 features set and integration capabilities.

The right choice for starting providing hosted PBX services to SMB or Enterprise customers.

Complete SIP softswitch engine to provide the standard Class 4/5 service for regular end-user customers.

The right choice for starting providing classical SIP services to residential and SMB customers.

A high-capacity SIP routing engine for routing and billing bulk termination and origination traffic.

The right choice for starting providing carrier interconnection for third-party SIP trunks.

An user facing SBC focused on solving network and SIP incompatiblities while also providing add-on services.

The right choice if you are a VoIP provider looking to enhance your interfacing with the end-users and carriers

Why SIPhub?

We are crafting SIP Engines to power your SIP services

The value of our team relies on 20+ years of knowledge and experience in the SIP arena. We do cover the full spectrum of a SIP solution, from the actual software development, the integration of all the components and wrapping of the APIs, to the final operational service.

SIPhub is an OpenSIPS brand - the same people running the community OpenSIPS SIP Server Project are shaping here the Open Source Software for the needs of the industry.

We do believe in flexibility and customization, so our answer is not the typical full rigid solution, but the SIP Engine - a SIP-smart infrastructure, 100% API driven, easy to integrate and to build your services on top of it. Keep control over your service look-and-feel, customize it to your precise needs, while taking advantages of our powerful SIP engine.


Why SIPhub Engines?

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